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How do I apply?

Adults must send their Spotlight link and a good Covering letter to be considered.

Young performers please email a CV, Photo and a self tape of them singing, acting or both! 

Adults looking for representation please email a covering letter and your Spotlight CV to be considered. Please do not send attachments.

Young Performers looking for representation, please email a CV, photo and a self tape showing acting or singing or both!

If you have had no response within 4 weeks please assume you have been unsuccessful. Unfortunately we do get a lot of representation requests and we cannot respond to everyone.  

How does the agency work?

We are a very selective agency so not everyone who applies will be taken on unfortunately. We are not a modelling agency so the agency is very much based on talent.

Children should be able to take direction well and have confidence. Parents should be responsive to messages and have clear communication.

We keep our client base small to be able to focus more on each client individually and build up a more personal relationship with each client.


How much does it cost to join?

KTTA  works on commission. (12.5% for children and 15.5% for adults). 

That said, there are some costs which all actors should expect to pay in order to have a good chance of work.

Although it's technically possible to represent clients without professional head shots and without a listing in Spotlight, realistically it is very hard to secure appointments for clients without them.

It's an incredibly competitive market, and casting directors often find the talent they need exclusively on Spotlight and don't need to look any further.

We recommend that all our clients pay for a listing in The Spotlight. This currently costs £103 per year for children and £154 for adults. (Adults can pay this monthly by Direct Debit) and young performers can also after being a member for one year.


Clients also require professional head shots which we are able to arrange with our photographers Mark Willshire or Nancy Collins for around £65 per year. (These prices are for young performers only).

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is the Premier Casting Platform for young performers and adults in the Performing Arts Industry. It showcases your CV online to Casting Directors. 

Young Performers do not have to be on Spotlight prior to joining the agency, we can do this together. 

Adults over 25 should already be on Spotlight to be considered.

Do you accept everyone on your books?

No. We are a small agency, we open our books twice a year. We only accept Children and Adults who we truly believe will get Professional work.

Will my child have to miss school?

Almost all professional work involves some time off school/college; production schedules don't fit neatly into weekends or school holidays, so unfortunately it's not possible to represent clients who are unavailable during term time.

Under 16's have to be licensed by their local education authority before they are allowed to perform; as part of this process the school will be asked to grant permission for the time off, and a tutor will be provided by the production company if required. It's important that your school and headteacher are supportive of your child's acting career.

Can you guarantee work for your clients?

Like any agency, we can't guarantee work for our clients; neither can we guarantee auditions!

We receive casting breakdowns every day, and we suggest our clients for all the roles that they are suitable for. However there are many, many young people looking for acting work today, and only a limited number of appointments. For this reason, we ask that clients let us know in advance if they are going to be unavailable for castings or filming.

Please note, children will only be submitted for jobs that they are suitable for. There are height limits for a reason and i am unable to help anyone who is too tall.

How much notice will you give us of auditions?

Typically casting directors give us appointments for castings the following day. This means that we usually contact clients with about 24 hours notice. As appointments are limited, it's essential that you let us know if you are unavailable in advance!

Adult appointments are usually during the daytime, and we may be given less than 24 hours notice, so it's important that you are always contactable, and that you inform us of any work shifts or college commitments which might prevent you from getting to castings.

Where do jobs take place?

A lot of the work we handle takes place in London or around the south east of England, however as the UK is a world leader in the creative industries, we regularly work on projects which take place abroad. We also regularly work on touring theatre productions, and on TV/Film shoots which film on location across the UK.

Can I be represented by more than one agency?

Like most agencies, we insist on having sole representation of our clients, and ask that all work offers are directed to us. The reason for this is that we need to be certain that we know exactly when our clients are available for work, and which jobs they are booked on.

If an actor is represented by two different agencies, they could end up being booked for two different jobs on the same day, which would be disastrous! Likewise, if you're approached directly about a job, please refer it to us- we need to ensure that the correct fees are paid, that child performance regulations are being adhered to; and it may be a job that we have previous declined, as we have concerns about it.

You are welcome to join a modelling agency but it must be for Stills only. You may also have a separate Voiceover agent.

Do you handle modelling work?

Our primary focus is drama work, although we do also work on modelling and catwalk jobs from time to time; generally when the producers are looking for specific performance skills in addition to the right 'look'. If your main interest is in modelling rather than drama, you may be better off applying to a specialist modelling agency, as the acting and modelling industries are quite different things.

I live a long way from London – should I apply?

We have represented clients from across the UK, and even overseas. So it's certainly possible to be represented by a London agent even if you don't live near the capital. However you should bear in mind that producers will often consider talent with London agents to be 'London based', and won't make any allowances for the additional time and expense involved in getting to auditions. Commercials cast in the south-east may not provide accommodation for talent based further afield, so you may need to arrange for somewhere local to stay the night before the shoot.

That said, self taping is increasingly becoming the norm for the first stage of the casting process, meaning that you can send a video to the casting director in the first instance, and only travel to London if you are brought through to the second round. See "What is a self tape?" for more information.

What is a Self Tape, and how do I make one?

It's increasingly common for casting directors to ask actors to 'self tape' for a role instead of bringing them in for an initital meeting with an assistant. This means filming yourself reading the lines, using a smart phone or tablet (though a DSLR or video camera is fine if you have one).

If they like what they see on the tape, they will then bring the actor in to meet in person, or sometimes bring them straight in for a meeting with the director.
This is a good thing, as it means that many more actors get a chance to be considered for a role than would be possible with traditional first round meetings. It also saves you the time and expense of travelling into central London for a role that you might not be quite right for.

You should only send videos to us; please don't upload them yourself to YouTube or similar. In many cases the script that you are asked to film is confidential, and it's important that it doesn't get leaked out to the public. Here are a few more tips and suggestions on self taping from a casting director.

What Should I be doing regularly?

Always keep us up to date with height, availability and skills. Adults if you change your hair or appearance, please let us know. If you get new headshots, keep us informed. If you get any other work yourself or attend other open auditions, let us know. We are proud to work with our clients and would love to showcase your skills.

Also keep up to date with training and skills. Have songs prepared, monologues prepared and stay up to date with industry knowledge.

How do we update availability?

We use a system called TAGMIN so any holiday dates etc can be input in this and will notify us so you are not put forward for anything that may clash.

Child clients should also be regularly updating their height measurements.

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