Welcome to KTTA! Founded in 2018,  We represent children and adult Singers, Actors & Dancers.


 Based in London, we are firm believers in discovering new performers, nurturing their creativity and helping them achieve sustainable success. We are friendly, open-minded, and dedicated professionals who will go the extra mile to ensure our artists are well represented. For more information, contact the team directly. We’ll be happy to assist you.

ADULTS - When leaving College, you are always taught that you NEED to find an agent straight away! But sometimes you sign with someone purely because they've said they'll take you on. If an agent already has hundreds of clients it isn't always the best way forward. Sometimes a smaller agency is better to be able to concentrate on the clients that they have and build up a great relationship with each one. 

YOUNG PERFORMERS - We have a range of young performers on our books and we keep our books small to be able to concentrate on getting them the jobs! Rather than being a huge agency with hundreds of children and only getting one audition a year. Please note - WE DO NOT CHARGE A FEE! (An agent should never take a fee from you). 

Remember - The Agent will get you the audition, only YOU can get the job!


Bromley, UK


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