​Kim's Top Tips!

  • Build yourself as a brand. Do you have a website? Keep a separate Instagram, Facebook and twitter account for personal use and Professional use. Always be careful what to post on social media, Casting Directors do use it!

  • Keep up with any training, workshops, masterclasses, Singing lessons etc and anything you do you can also add to your CV.

  • Always have your repertoire ready. Sheet music for Musical Theatre and sometimes now even backing tracks or acapella and make sure you have different genres. Also have some monologues ready both contemporary and classic. Most TV/Films now send scripts for castings anyway but its always best to be PREPARED.

  • Network, even if its joining facebook groups its great to network.

  • Be ready for self tapes! Do you have a plain background, if not Amazon has some great backdrops. Is the lighting ok? Invest in yourself!

  • If you do not have a show reel, have a monologue on your spotlight CV so Casting Directors can still see you on camera.